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Thu Dec 26 03:13:11 UTC 2013  Alexander Markov <>
 * removed shit from glagne
@@ -24,12 +24,8 @@
*** "Git sucks, or why do I use darcs instead":/en/git-sucks-or-why-do-I-use-darcs-instead
*** "Dealextreme batteries catalog":/en/dealextreme-batteries-catalog
*** "How to calibrate IMAX B6":/en/howto-calibrate-imax-b6
*** "How to convert your mutt email from mbox format to Mailbox format":/en/howto-convert-your-mutt-email-from-mbox-format-to-mailbox-format
*** "How to find absolute path from relative [@/dir/.././@]-like crap":/en/howto-find-absolute-path-from-relative
*** "How to get RFC822-formated date from @Calendar@ in OCaml":/en/howto-get-rfc822-formated-date-from-calendar-in-ocaml
*** "How to link C lib statically with OCaml app":/en/howto_link_c_lib_statically_with_ocaml_app
*** "How to set PostgreSQL password after installation":/en/how-to-set-postgresql-password-after-installation
*** "How to login via SSH without a password":/en/howto-ssh-without-password
*** "How to set a two-way networking with qemu/kvm":/en/howto-two-way-networking-for-qemu-and-kvm
*** "Linux disk encryption manuals overview (stub)":/en/linux-disk-encryption-manuals-overview
** Bitrotten: