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Fri Nov  1 18:16:15 UTC 2013  Alexander Markov <>
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! TyTN II with Yandex.Maps running)!:

* "по-русски":/ru/reviews/htc_tytn_II_notes

h2. Software

h3. SSH

I found only one SSH client which works well. It's "Token2Shell/Mobile v. 5.2.1":

h3. Maps/GPS

"Google Maps": is a must have for walking on various wild places because its satellite pictures.

"Yandex.Maps": is a must have for big cities of Russia. Shows addresses and traffic jams very well.

I also found "City Guide's": maps usable for Krasnodar Krai.

h3. Book reader

"AlReader2": becomes a great thing for me.

h2. Hardware

* _danger, advertising!_

Something you can found on "":

* replacement parts — "screen":, "case and keyboard":, stylus ("one":, "two":;
* "a strange protective case":;
* batteries — "a regular 1300mAh": and "an extended 2600mAh":;
* "a chinese clone of this phone":;
* "a 2.8" screen protector": which must fits for the phone, but I haven't check it yet; and some guy advises "this 2.9" protector": for TyTN II.

I highly recommend to buy "an extended battery pack": Wonderful thing. With this you are just start feeling pocket computer in your hands, not a rattle for a hour of intense usage.

Never buy "this battery":, because it just doesn't work. I had to ask dx support for replacement for defective item (and they did so).